Siemens / Signia

See some of the most popular Siemens/Signia devices below.

Pure Charge & Go Nx

The most natural own voice with convenient wireless rechargeability

The new Pure™ Charge&Go Nx combines all the advantages of Signia Nx with convenient wireless rechargeability. It is intuitive to handle because we integrated wireless charging into its design.

Signia NX

Signia Nx with OVP™ for the most natural own voice and highest acceptance.

The smallest fully featured hearing aid with direct stream

Superior connectivity combined with longest streaming time

Direct streaming with the most versatile fitting optiomd

Signia Silk

Signia Silk : Full of hidden charm. Let the sound flow naturally.

One of the worlds smallest hearing aids, the new Silk sits almost invisibly in the ear for complete discretion. 

Custom-made, unnoticeable, effortless.

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