Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Mrs Mkhize (Daughter, Unami, 7 years old)
Language Learning Difficulty; Stuttering

Speech Therapy was recommended for my daughter Unami when she was in Grade R. She stuttered a lot when speaking/ reading English. After attending Speech Therapy with Natasha she improved drastically. From nearly failing English she now obtains B’s. Natasha has made a huge difference in her English. She reads with more confidence. She hardly stutters, even when speaking her English is more fluent. I would highly recommend Speech Therapy with Natasha to any parent willing to make a difference in their child’s Speech Language disorder. She is highly professional and strives to make an improvement in your child’s grades.

Mr David (Son- 9 years; Daughter- 7 years)
Speech & Language Disorder; Auditory Processing Disorder

A big thank you to the Speech Therapy Team, from the front line staff to the Therapist for the friendly and efficient service. There are also very friendly faces when I take my kids in, which is really great! I always feel my kids are in good hands. We always receive feedback after every lesson and different aspects with which we could also assist our kids to maximize their full potential, which is what we all want for our little ones. Well done, I will definitely recommend your team!

Mrs White (Austyn, 7 years old)
Craniofacial Disorder, Speech & Language Disorder, Apraxia of Speech

Austyn started speech therapy with Natasha in 2014, whilst still in creche. Natasha worked with Austyn once a week at Care Bears Wonderland. All I can say is that since 2014 to now 2.5 years later (Austyn is still in therapy) I am forever grateful to Natasha for all her help, because Austyn couldn’t speak at all, or should I say very few words came from Austyn, now he is a talkative, confident little boy who isn’t scared to express himself. Natasha thank you so very much for all your efforts with Austyn, from not being able to speak or string a sentence together, to being able to have a full conversation with him, the last 2.5 years have truly helped Austyn in a big way. All the best for the future ahead!

Mrs Sember (Manuel -6 years old)
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Our little Manuel has flourished since attending therapy with Natasha. He uses phrases he never used before and has become so much more confident when expressing himself. He feels right at home every time he attends therapy and leaves happy. He says Dr Natasha is his best friend!.

Miss Milesha Chetty on behalf of father Mr. N. Chetty
Swallowing Disorder, Aphasia, Dysarthria, AAC

My dad suffered a brain stem stroke which prior to the 05th of September 2016 was a concept unknown to us. I now understand the severity of the term and just what it means for the patient and their family. Natasha worked with my dad and though they say that a brain stem stroke means that there is a true risk of the patient never eating on their own again or communicating, my dad by the time he left Westville Hospital was on a pureed diet and able to communicate to some degree with us. Natasha kept my family motivated with daily updates and she kept my dad motivated by encouraging him. She went to the extent of asking us for stories daily so she could peak his interest and gain a relationship with him so that he would work with her. It’s very easy for Doctors and Therapists to get wrapped up in the daily tasks of their job and I was truly amazed by the personal touch that we received. In this experience, I have learned that it is not just medicine that heals. You need to give a patient hope and keep their mind strong to enable them to fight back. I’m very grateful that Natasha took the time to give my dad this strength and simultaneously helped my family keep strong and motivated. Thank you for all you have done. It will never be forgotten.