Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests

Hearing assessment is conducted at:

  • Hillcrest Private Hospital
  • Crompton Hospital
  • Westville Hospital

Associations with Retirement Homes:

  • Le Domaine Retirement Village
  • Chelsea Village
  • Sandown Village
  • Doone Village
  • Fairydene Village
  • Hillcrest Country Estate
  • Pinetown Nursing Home

Audiology services are provided to both adults and children who present with conditions which include hearing loss and vertigo (dizziness). Preventative assessments and early diagnosis are encouraged. Our practice services preschools and primary schools, as well as admitted patients and out patients at 3 private hospitals.

We currently do hearing screening at the following schools:

  • Kloof Pre- Pimary
  • Hillcrest Pre- Primary
  • Westville Junior Primary
  • Clifton Hill Nursery School
  • Benedicts Primary School

Diagnostic hearing assessments are conducted at:

  • Hillcrest Private Hospital
  • Crompton Hospital
  • Neonatal Hearing Assessments

Neonatal Hearing Assessments

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